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Payment options

Confirmation of the reservation is valid after payment of 30-50%of the total amount with balance paid according to the terms delivered to the client in the contract and the voucher.
Depending on accommodation unit owner, balance payment have to be paid in most of time between 60 days and 7 days before arrival.
You can pay for the reservation by bank transfer to the bank account of our agency, which we will send you together with the invoice after confirmation of reservation.
different payment methods on request.
we advise you to purchase travel cancellation insurance in the country where the reservation was submitted by the guest, for which he undertakes to provide all necessary documents and information necessary for the same, in order to minimize the risk for the guest.
deposit should be given to the property owner / host on arrival, usually in cash, in some accommodation is accepted and a credit card or in some cases be paid in advance before your arrival